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Educational success is based on secure brain development and organisation in the first years of life. Children of any age who may not yet have these early foundations securely in place can struggle in all areas of their learning. New learning is being built on top of insecure foundations.

I am an Independent Consultant, able to offer a range of assessments, programmes and interventions to schools, preschools and families to identify and address children's underlying difficulties within these earliest building blocks to learning whatever the child's age: whether a young child needing support to overcome developmental delay, or an older child with an uneven developmental profile where one or more areas of development may be immature or left behind.  When these underlying areas of need are addressed, children are able to make progress. I also offer training to staff and professionals.  
These strategies can help children with:
Low achievers and children not progressing as expected
Early warning signs and concerns of Dyslexia or Dyspraxia and assessment for Dyslexia for children under the age of 7
Poor handwriting development
Poor organisational skills
Attention and hyperactivity difficulties
Children who have experienced reduced early developmental opportunities and are working below expected levels for their age
Developmental delays and Special Educational Needs
Speech, language and communication difficulties
Social communication and social interaction difficulties
Children struggling with Social, emotional and behaviour needs
Attachment and trauma related difficulties, or difficulty with relationships

I am also a provider of Rhythmic Movement Training through Rhythmic Movement Training International, and use these techniques in my work with children of all ages, and with adults too who can benefit from this very positive approach.  

A specific diagnosis or an identified special need is not necessary; I will always work to meet the needs of your individual child. I am always happy to discuss bespoke services especially to meet the unique needs of your school, your setting, or your child.
Please look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!
Ellie Collar  
Telephone: 07721 640143
Building a strong foundation for learning.
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