Early Years SEN - What Training Can I Offer?
Training available for adults working with Foundation Stage or Primary Children:
I have participated in developing and widely delivering training to early years, schools, child minders, childrens centre professionals and families and currently offer the following trainings:
* Observation, Assessment and Differentiation for children with additional needs at the 0-5 stage of development
* Motor Development Equals Brain Development - the importance of motor development in success at reading, writing, spelling and maths at school level, and how to support this development in early years and foundation stage settings. 
* Early Social and Emotional Development in relation to early brain development and its importance in managing behaviour.
* Behaviour Management strategies for young children - a wide area that can be matched to the current needs of your staff, including assessment, strategies and identifying and addressing weak component skills, emotional and social skills and regulation skills.
* Child Development/ Early years Cognitive and Play Development
* Early Signing
* Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Social Communication Difficulties in young children and how to support their development
* Specific Learning Difficulties including Down Syndrome, Multi Sensory Impairment and other named syndromes and conditions
* Supporting Early Speech, Language and Communication Development
* Circle Time as a strategy for proactively teaching early social and emotional skills. (This pack can be offered in conjunction with a second trainer experienced in use of circle time techniques for secondary aged children and young people).
* Using Visual Structure to support learners
* The implications and requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act/Equality Act
* Helping young children to cope with grief and loss
* Early Years Special Educational Needs Co ordinator role and responsibilities (Qualifying course for Early Years SENCos in Northamptonshire through the Local Authority)  
* Extended Early Years SENCo skills (Extended Skills Early Years SENCo training in Northamptonshire through the Local Authority) The Solihull Training Approach
There is no minimum or maximum number for training groups, and I am delighted to design a training pack specific to your needs.
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