Early Years SEN - The Meerkat Adventure!

In association with:

Julia Collarof Collar And Cuffs, practitioner of drama therapy and theatre producer and director  


Jane Evans, Trauma Parenting Specialist, international speaker and one of the UK's leading trainers on Childhood Trauma

Based on Jane Evan's children's story 'Little Meerkat's Big Panic' comes a multisensory and musical theatre experience designed for preschool and primary children to help both children and the staff caring for them to better understand anxiety, how to cope with big and uncomfortable feelings, and to learn ways to calm and soothe themselves.

With many thanks to MK Soup for their donation and help to get this project up and running, this theatre piece is currently in production and supporting resources for schools and preschools are currently being developed and trialled for launch in autumn 2016.

Watch this space for details!

The project in the papers!

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