Early Years SEN - Rhythmic Movement

Rhythmic Movement Training

I am a provider with Rhythmic Movement Training International, and use this powerful system within much of my work with excellent effect for children of all ages and with adults too.

Retained infant reflexes play a large part in difficulties with reading, writing, spelling, co ordination, organisation, attention, behaviour, emotional resilience and readiness for learning. These simple, gentle movements are usually enjoyed by children and help to integrate these reflexes and enable hands and eyes to start to work together and children to find learning, reading and writing less physically high effort and tiring, to become more organised and able to cope with the classroom environment and to have 'availability' for learning instead of struggling to keep up. It can also support children who are withdrawn, 'explosive' or struggling with behaviour needs. I work with small groups for schools as well as individually with children and with adults at home.

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