Early Years SEN - Narrowing The Gap

For Schools and Early Years Settings
Narrowing the gap for low achieving and disadvantaged learners is a national priority, based on the recognition of how vital it is to identify and meet developmental needs as early as possible to reduce the long term impact on children's life chances. Many children who begin to struggle at school show underlying difficulties based in their early developmental skills, particularly in the areas of emotional and social skills, fine motor skills, organisation and attention skills, and handwriting and spelling skills. On assessment these children are frequently compensating for poor integration of early movement patterns which are contributing to their difficulties in responding to school aged interventions.
Because good early development provides the crucial foundations for academic success, I believe strongly that addressing these underlying areas of need can have a significant impact on achieving real progress. These children need secure foundations for their teachers to build on.
For specific interventions please look at the 'What can I offer you' page for:
* Identification of the underlying difficulties for learners.
* Early Literacy and Handwriting interventions for children at all ages in primary schools  
* Social skills development for children at all ages in primary schools
* Nurture Group work
I am happy to work with you to design bespoke interventions to meet identified needs of groups or individuals.
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